Friday, May 1, 2015

Spring has sprung.

Pizza is not pizza without a crust, a bird is not a bird without wings, Flavor Flav is not Flavor Flav without a giant clock around his neck, and Spring is not Spring without mom's strawberry-ruhbarb pie.

These are just life's simple facts.

Behold. Spring is upon us.

Today is May first, and I'm looking forward to a May full of bicycle riding, lilac sniffing, spring cleaning, green grass, warmer temps, and of course, the almighty rhubarb plant.

Happy Friday friends.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

365 | February

February | Photos 032-059

032-Sledding | 033-Little decorator | 034-Snow covered path | 035-Strings | 036-Tiny dancers | 037-Fairy garden remnants

0398-Bed guest | 039-Game time | 040-Movie watching | 041-Valentine snack | 042-New children's classics | 043-Work selfie

044-Pretty duct tape | 045-Sugar cookies | 046-Salad-in-a-jar | 047-Wild things | 048-The never ending task | 049-Saturday morning

050-Sunrise | 051-The Virginia | 052-Lunchtime on the Quad | 053-Early morning reading | 054-Rug macro | 055-Work selfie 2

056-Book nook | 057-All-you-can-eat snow buffet | 058-Modern UIUC | 059-Snow day

Sunday, February 1, 2015

365 | January

I am trying something new this year. A 365 project. A photo a day for an entire year. A reminder to pick up my camera everyday (even if it is only my iPhone). I have been posting most of these on my instagram account @sarahbohannen. Some days I follow photo prompts on #thebethadillychallenge, but not every day. So far, I'm one month in and really enjoying the challenge.

January | Photos 001-031:

001-simple | 002-perspective | 003-tree of love | 004-edible rubies | 005-breakfast | 006-calm snowy night

007-new recipes | 008-frozen branches | 009-sun dogs | 010-slow saturday mornings | 011-teamwork | 012-bed jumping

013-valentine crafts | 014-beach dreaming | 015-fun with stamps | 016-beerginings | 017-frozen | 018-smoothie prep

019-bubbly | 020-something new | 021-always underfoot | 022-in search of green | 023-sweet soul | 024-our clan

025-chocolate | 026-my girl | 027-pajama party | 028-evaluations | 029-greeenhouse love | 030-breakfast of champions


Friday, December 12, 2014

Enjoying a few Chrismas things in mid-December

Sydney had her first Christmas program yesterday. I was so proud of her. My painfully shy little girl sang every word to every song all with a timid smile that, despite her trying, couldn't be contained.

On the other hand, it was all we could do to keep our second born, throw caution to the wind, fear-nothing, daughter off the stage and out of the spotlight. We did pretty good until they got to "Let it go" from Frozen. Son-of-a-nutcracker! There was no stopping her stealing the spotlight with her (very loud) singing and dancing on that one.

It's been all things Christmas around here lately. This year the candy on our gingerbread houses keeps mysteriously disappearing. One morning, Jon even came out to find Lilly laying on the table gnawing on the house like a dog on a bone. ::Headdesk::

December is absolutely flying by! I found a few pictures from Thanksgiving that I forgot to post on facebook. It seems impossible this time of year, but I'm hoping and praying that everyone gets and stays healthy in time for Christmas so that we can enjoy more moments like this.

Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A room for two

Well, it's been about three years, but we finally have a guest room/office again! With only three bedrooms in our house, we knew a shared room for the girls was in the cards at some point; a few weeks ago we bit the bullet and went for it. So far, so good. The girls have been sleeping together for about two weeks now and things have been going relatively well, although Lillian does like to drag so much stuff into her bed that there is barely room for her tiny body to fit.

I remember somebody else who used to do the same thing.

Since I'm digging up old photos, here are a few "before" photos from when I first did Sydney's bedroom.

To start, we cleared everything out and hit the walls with lots (and lots) of white paint.

The girls liked having a big empty room to run around in for a few days. I liked having a blank slate.

Next up was finding new bunk beds, storage, and curtains. Our bunk bed is from the 9 by Novogratz line at Walmart and our bookshelves are from Ikea. I couldn't find any curtains that I liked, so I bought some vintage fabric online and had my mom help me customize my own. They turned out perfect, thanks mom!

I also sewed a super easy fabric scrap banner. The room is bright and colorful and the girls seem to be as happy with it as I am so far!